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22 septembre 2005

Monalisa Stoned

One of the funniest things I saw in Amsterdam, was the Tshirts with monalisa stoned and Che Guevara stoned.

I was able to find the monalisa one on the internet (using google images) but not Che Guevara's ... I found another one for Che Guevara which is not nice at all..


Blogger MoonCat said...

Maybe you just loved the "smell" of the city and the street markets, Charbel :P they both confounds your senses ... and you end up saying you love Amsterdam!

I didn't like Amsterdam :( but i LOVED Prague.

3:48 AM

Blogger irfan said...

I LOVVVVED Amsterdam too!!! Everything about it, the architecture, the canals, the coffeeshops ;)

8:15 PM

Blogger Charbel said...

J'ai pas encore visité Prague, j'essaie de profiter de ma visa Schengen le plus possible mnt.

L'europe de l'est ca sera l'annee prochaine ....

9:39 PM


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